Give shoppers a faster,
safer checkout experience.

MemberPay is a payment tokenization solution for PayDollar which enables businesses to provide regular customers with a faster, smoother and safer checkout. With tokenization, your customers’ payment card information is given a substitute value called a “token” which is stored in our PCI Compliant servers. Each customer is then given an account, a user name and a password, which they’ll use along with their CVV in completing future transactions.

Service Overview
Maximize Conversions
Drive Purchases

Make it easy for customers to purchase frequently on your website without worrying about identity theft and credit card fraud.

Reduce Fraud
Mitigate Fraud

Stop cybercriminals from obtaining access to cardholder data. The token by itself, doesn’t have any monetary value at all.

Reduce PCI DSS Compliance Scope
Reduce Compliance

Decrease your PCI DSS compliance scope by lowering the footprint where customer payment data is placed.


Dual Password Protection

Proven Security

Allow customers to easily complete transactions without submitting their credit card information.

Group Management

Group Management

Classify shoppers into multiple groups. Example: Group A – High Volume Buyers, Group B – Low Volume Buyers.

Member Management

Member Management

Create and distribute multiple user accounts with a maximum of 5 credit cards per registered member.

Ideal Applications

Ticketing sites

Ticketing Sites

Restaurant with delivery services

Restaurant with
delivery services

Online malls

Online Malls



Travel agencies

Travel Agencies